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About Hannah

Documenting life. From receiving my first camera (a gimmicky red plastic film camera) at the age of 7, I’ve been hooked.

I would take photos of my friends birthday parties, school sport days, family holidays - the camera just accompanied. I remembered how much joy, laughter and gratitude was brought from sharing the captures with those I photographed, so I kept up the habit of moving with my camera.

My subjects of people and places hasn’t changed much from then. With a strong interest in traveling and the great outdoors (my homeland of New Zealand in particular), photography would be my means of documenting my adventures.

My camera has accompanied me trekking with nomads in Morocco to find their new home for the summer, into the homes of villages in Fiji and India where I have been welcomed like family - to the more common invites today into a bride's or groom's home to quietly photograph them as they get ready for their big day.

The transition of purely photographing my own life to others’ lives is so rewarding, receiving those same reactions of joy, laughter and gratitude.

I couldn’t think of a better gift that comes so…easy.

JaviandMaksim83 (1).jpg


My focus at the moment is telling visual love stories by photographing weddings. I do however just love photographing people in beautiful locations too, whatever the occasion or reason!

I have standard wedding packages and tailored packages are also available.