Zoe & Boof -in love-

'Zoof' or 'Bowie' we call these two.... What hobby do these two share that I admire so much? Going on EPIC adventures and hikes (whatever time of the year) to capture beautiful scenes of NZ- and night sky! (But seriously you have to check them out on instagram @aboveandbelownz). What a team.

Zoe's family are yet to meet Boof (Michael) being located in England and all. The next best thing to make up for their lack of coupley photos on social media was to have some proper ones taken to show the fam- brilliant idea! (Selfies just don't cut it ya know). So here we are along the wild, dramatic west Auckland beach of Whatipu- it's scenery softened up with one heck of a lovey dovey, smitten couple.

These photos made for a very happy couple and a happy family back in England ;)